February, 2017 No Comments News

In a Corporate Update issued by BitRush Corp the Corporations’s co-founder Werner BOEHM has been referred to as “former CEO”. Based on the legal advise he received from his lawyers Werner BOEHM still regards himself as CEO of the BitRush Corp.

Based on legal opinions BOEHM doesn’t accept the meeting between Karsten AREND and Hans-Joerg WAGNER as a Board Meeting. Neither does Alfred DOBIAS, back then a Board Member of BitRush. He, too, supports Werner BOEHM’s view that the meeting between the board members Karsten AREND und Hans-Joerg WAGNER was not a board meeting, thus the decisions made in this meeting are null and void.

Furthermore, the Corporate Update mentions that Werner BOEHM intended to bring in a “motion to argue that the court case should be heard in Austria rather than Ontario”. Truth is, that the major BitRush Corp shareholder MezzaCap Investments Ltd (MCI) intended to bring in such a motion but MCI meanwhile established a network of Canadian shareholders and supporters that prefer to have the case in their home turf in Ontario. In parallel, MCI already filed an application for legal procedures against Igor WOLLNER (Slovakia) and his investment vehicle HSRC Investment Ltd (Singapore).