December, 2016 No Comments News

Upon advice of the mandated CPA the BitRush CEO Werner Boehm refused to approve and certify the Corporation’s filing of financial statements for Q3 2016. The wording has been changed by the directors board in a way which is inconsistend with the requirements of IFRS. The directors nevertheless filed in the name of the CEO without his consent.

Furthermore, the board demanded the CEO to cooperate with the former CTO which he refused for legal and compliance reasons. The incidents around the former CTO have been been a critical issue around the filing.

Consequently, the directors Karsten Arend and Hans-Joerg Wagner terminated Werner Boehm as CEO just a few hours later. Based on the incidents around this decision the CEO will contradict this termination. Werner Boehm is director of MezzaCap Investments Ltd, the main shareholder of BitRush Corp.