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BitRush proud to announce an important acquisition. As part of the corporation’s strategy to become a blockchain based cryptobusiness services provider it has acquired all of the assets of an advertising platform called adbit ( one of the leading ad networks (ad broker services) within the bitcoin ecosphere (“AdBit”) in a cash and shares transaction subject to securities exchange approval (the “Transaction”). Pursuant to the Transaction, BitRush acquired the domain along with the platform applications and the business itself.

The acquisition of AdBit strengthens BitRush’s market position in the blockchain ecosphere in the area of ad brokerage and related payment & clearing services. AdBit is a strong brand with a good reputation among the Bitcoin audience. The people behind AdBit will become part of the BitRush network. Being a corporation incorporated in Ontario BitRush is proud to say that AdBit has been co-developed by the Canadian software company IronClad Web Technologies, a driving force in the Canadian blockchain technology scene.

BitRush entered the ad brokerage market segment when it acquired ( in spring 2015. CoinAdvert has been designed to work as a Twitter-like ad network, allowing advertisers to publish real-time text messages on the sites of the attached publishers. The associated payment transactions between advertisers and publishers are cleared real-time in Bitcoins at low costs.

In general, Bitcoins and the blockchain have an advantage over traditional ad networks like Google AdSense: payments to publishers are made real-time with minimal costs. Google AdSense for example pays once a month with significant fees for the publishers. Another advantage of blockchain related ad networks is to be seen in the transparency which is not provided by services like Google AdWords or Google AdSense.