For investors

BitRush™ sees significant market potential across all geographies for peer-to-peer transaction services based on blockchain technologies. BitRush™ believes that it can provide new leadership and innovation in a trillion-dollar market by providing a new peer-to-peer approach to electronic payment networks and digital asset management markets that previously did not exist, and by harnessing the connectivity of a growing mobile-internet.

The BitRush™ Proposition is to deliver strong growth, building a global network for digital asset management and payment services. By empowering our clients and by delivering more value to each individual than we expect to receive in return, we can build a network of lasting relationships in the payment and digital asset management market. We believe that investing in this relationship can deliver significant value to our shareholders over the long-term, creating a reflexive global-revenue model with scalable services, while also benefiting an entire network of stakeholders.

We make money by selling our technology enabled services to individuals and businesses. By patenting our technologies, we protect our market position and know-how.

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It’s fascinating in really early stages, but it’s hard to see a world where blockchain technology doesn’t change the way we think about asset ownership.
Heath Terry, Research Analyst, Goldman Sachs
Firms are dealing with greater requirements for reporting, transparency, and dissemination of data. Costs have gone up and revenues have gone down. Blockchain technology really gets to the core of all those issues.
Blythe Masters, CEO, Digital Assets

Growth Strategy

Our strategy is to use market fragmentation due to the novelty of the blockchain phenomenon in deploying an aggressive strategy through targeted acquisition of competitors and promising start-ups. We are constantly looking for opportunities to expand into various industries and businesses. We are also developing affiliate programs tailored to customer acquisition for our businesses. These affiliate programs can be deployed as a part of our service.

Going Forward

We are constantly screening the markets for new opportunities. We also support our partners in developing their existing businesses into “blockchain enabled” businesses. We believe cryptographic payments are going to be the next big disruptor in payment processing due to new standards in security and privacy. Furthermore, we believe our technology will be quickly adopted in the underserviced markets of developing economies, hence having the ability to not only disrupt markets, but to create them.

The idea behind public listing

BitRush™ believes that blockchain technologies are the future of capital markets. Peer-to-peer trading of crypto-securities along with decentralized exchanges will make capital markets more efficient and transparent.

With the public listing of our shares we have done the first step to make the BitRush™ shares a crypto-security. The idea is strikingly simple. We want every owner of a wallet to be able to buy our shares with cryptocurrency. Based on our proprietary “BitCore™” blockchain technology we will offer our shares as a crypto-security to the public soon.

About BRH stock

The shares of BitRush Corp (former “The Streetwear Corp”) have been trading on the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE) since September 2015. BitRush Corp is the issuer resulting from a Reverse Takeover (RTO) associated with a Fundamental Change of The Streetwear Corporation.

With its focus on start-ups, growth companies & technology accompanied by a global approach CSE is a perfect stock exchange to start a public being.

Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE)

With its focus on start-ups, growth companies and technology accompanied by a global approach, CSE is a perfect stock exchange to start a public being. Here are the credentials:

  • CUSIP: 09173X109
  • ISIN: CA09173X1096
  • Ticker Symbol: BRH
  • Link to exchange: CSE

Frankfurt Stock Exchange

In February 2015 the Shares of “The Streetwear Corporation” have commenced trading on the Boerse-Frankfurt to enable European investors to trade with BitRush shares.

The credentials:

  • ISIN: CA09173X1096
  • Securities Identification Number: A110VM
  • Ticker Symbol: 0XSN
  • Link to Exchange: Frankfurt

Consolidated Capitalisation

Issuance Common Shares
Common shares issued and outstanding per April 30th 2016 126,957,239
Total warrants issued 12,711,363
Fully diluted shares 139,668,602


Principal Shareholders and Shareholder Structure

Shareholder Number of Shares Percentage of Shares
MezzaCap Investments Ltd 65,287,265 51.4%
HSRC Investment Group 26,750,000 21%
Swiss-Russian Investors Group 5,000,000 3.9%
XTECH Ltd (Asia) 4,997,236 3.9%
Board and Management Team 11,863,205 9.3%


On a fully diluted basis MezzaCap Investments, London, beneficially will own together 65,287,265 voting shares representing 46.7% of the fully diluted shares.


Other Public Shareholders

Size of Holding Number of Holders Number of Shares (fully diluted)
1 – 333 shares 1,639 145,448
334 – 999 shares 221 106,840
1,000 – 1,666 shares 32 39,332
1,667 – 5,000 shares 7 55,501
5,000 and more shares 176 27,321,971
Total (Public Holders – Registered 2,075 27,669,092