BitRush is Part of Fintech Ecosphere

image April, 2016 No Comments News

For 2015, KPMG said that $13.8 billion was invested in Fintech companies in North America alone. Seems like everyone is catching on! This is great news for consumers and business as better solutions and services are on their way from FinTech companies like BitRush (CSE:BRH, Frankfurt:0XSN). We truly believe in the power of competition and that it is the main force behind innovations.

Yes, it was a shameless plug, but what we have simply rocks! And yes, you can invest in us and join us on this awesome adventure 😉 You can have multiple currencies in our BitRush Online Wallet at the same time, you can send it instantly around the world for less that any competitor we know of, you can exchange currencies for super low fees and you can pay with our soon to be released Bitrush Debit card anywhere Visa and MasterCard are accepted world-wide.

We hope that the world will become a better place with BitRush ;).