November, 2016 No Comments News

TORONTO, ONTARIO, November 30th, 2016 – BitRush Corp. (“BitRush” or the “Corporation”) corrects the filing of the third quarter financial statements 2016 and Management’s Discussion and Analysis done on November 29, 2016.

The filing has not been approved by the CEO Werner Boehm and the Board Member Alfred Dobias as is falsely stated in the filings nor do they agree with the content of the Management’s Discussion and Analysis. Neither has the filing been approved by the mandated 3rd party CPA.

Furthermore, neither Alfred Dobias nor Werner Boehm agree with the content of the press release regarding the filing (link to press release). Werner Boehm, Alfred Dobias and the mandated 3rd party CPA have a different opinion regarding some crucial issues around incidents of a former BitRush officer and would have reported differently. They do not see that the ownership of ANOON is in question but it’s a blackmailing action of the former CTO.

Finally, the filing has not been done by Alfred Dobias and Werner Boehm as is falsely stated on the filings. The filing has been approved and filed by Karsten Arend, Director and President, and Hans-Joerg Wagner, Director, only.