BitRush and Axxelerate: Building Bridges between Europe and Canada

image May, 2016 No Comments News

BitRush is a truly global FinTech startup with operations and projects in Toronto, Vancouver, London, Vienna, Bratislava, Kiev and Hongkong. And BitRush has already been “officially recognized” by the Canadian establishment. We have been invited by the Canadian Ambassador and the Trade Commissioner in Vienna to present ourselves.

Important shareholders of BitRush have been among the founding members of Axxelerate GmbH, a “freshly squeezed” Vienna based incubator. Axxelerate has teamed up the the Vancouver based WAVEFRONT to build a commercial bridge between Canada and Austria with BitRush as it’s first showcase.

Andrea Geyer, Bitrush shareholder and CEO of Axxelerate: “We have founded Axxelerate to overcome the problems that innovative companies are facing: lack of funding and lack of networks in the industry lead to slow take-off and long time to market. Our radical collaboration approach in cooperation with WAVEFRONT a leading North American Accelerator and Canada´s center of excellence for the wireless  industry helps to overcome this and lets companies grow and go international leveraging our huge networks in industry, research, funding institutions and governments.  The goal is to establish a strong pipeline for collaboration between Canadian and Central European enterprises; we launched this venture at the Canadian Embassy in Vienna in May.”

Hey, sounds like a great project, right? And BitRush should definitely benefit from being part of it! Axxelerate is a very important part for us to build the necessary ecosphere around BitRush.