About Us

BitRush Corp is a Toronto-based FinTech company focused on cryptographic technologies and blockchain based solutions. We are invested in a portfolio of promising cryptographic ventures in North America and Europe. Our strategic focus is on the development of our cryptographic payment & business solutions ANOON along with an efficient ecosphere. BitRush is a publicly traded company on the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE) in Toronto an on the Frankfurt Exchange for our European shareholders.

Our Mission

Cryptographic technologies and the Blockchain are disruptive phenomena and the enabling backbone of the future Peer-to-Peer Economy. We, the people behind BitRush, are passionate about cryptographic solutions for a new generation of decentralized businesses. That is why we founded BitRush, developed our own patented cryptographic payment technology and our blockchain-based ad brokerage technology. Our  mission is to become the payment provider for the upcoming generations – the Millennials and Generation Z and the leading ad broker for the peer-to- peer economy.

What we do

FinTech Start-Up with a cryptographic vision at work

FinTech Start-Up with a cryptographic vision at work

We are a FinTech Start-Up with a holistic approach. We are bankers, investment people, engineers, software developers and (hopefully) experimental thinkers. We design and develop cryptographic technologies for the financial services industry and for other interesting market segments.
Focused peer-to-peer business services

Focused peer-to-peer business services

Payment is the most fundamental thing for market driven economies as privacy is for open minded societies. We have developed ANOON, a decentral cryptographic payment system providing security, transaction efficiency, privacy protection and full integration of traditional FIAT systems.
Building a sustainable transaction ecosphere for efficient CAC & LTV

Building a sustainable transaction ecosphere for efficient CAC & LTV

FinTech Start-Ups have the potential to disrupt the incumbent financial services industry. But it needs customers accepting and using the offers. Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) and Live-Time Value (LTV) are critical to success – it needs an efficient ecosphere to do sustainable business. We work on that!



ANOON – Cryptographic Payments

ANOON is a cryptographic payment system with Distributed Ledger Architecture (DLA) and FIAT Payment Networks integration.

ANOON is a new cryptographic means of payment for business and people. Its wallet system integrates blockchains as well as incumbent FIAT payment systems into a seamless Universal Payment Platform using Bitcoin as internal clearing currency. ANOON has integrated traditional credit card networks (VISA, MasterCard, Discover) and FIAT money systems like PayPal enabling ANOON users to spend their cryptocurrencies with their debit cards in real-money online, offline or at ATM’s. Conversions between all currencies are processed real-time deploying a “Smart Treasury Algorithm”.

ANOON website

AdBit – The Blockchain Ad Network

Our AdBit Ad Network is a blockchain-based super-efficient ad broker using Bitcoins and ANOON for real-time clearing of payments between advertisers and publishers.

AdBit enables registered website publishers to offer ad spaces on their websites that will be auctionated to advertisers deploying the proprietary “Smart Bid” engine. Ad spaces constitute an important revenue source for publishers. AdBit is cheaper and more effective than traditional “moderated” systems, such as Google AdSense. As blockchain-based system AdBit is highly transparent to all participants. With more then 10 Million Unique Visitors and more than 2.5 Billion ad impressions p.m the AdBit ad network is a driving force for our ANOON payment services.

AdBit website

Start-It – Provably Fair Gaming

UK-based BitRush subsidiary Start-It Ltd is a publisher of cryptographic games and operator of the cryptographic gaming portal WaggaWagga.

Gaming is not only one of the most attractive market segments for payment services but also a huge market for cryptographic technologies. Thus Start-It developed its own gaming portal WaggaWagga serving as a proof-of-concept for the feasibility of BitRush’s ANOON payment system in online gaming. Furthermore, Start-It provides cryptographic technologies and technology-enabled services to game developers and game operators. Start-it’s gaming sites already receive up to 7 Million Unique Users form more than 180 countries p.m.

start-it website


WERNER BÖHM CEO Werner has extensive experience in the FinTech industry. He got his BA and MA in business and marketing in Vienna. He later worked in banks in different technology related positions as well as in IBM for banking vertical. He later became focused on FinTech start-ups, working in business development and management positions. Using years of experience, notable natural leadership abilities, and his extensive knowledge in business, networking, capital markets, payment and cryptographic technologies, marketing, he has put together a start-up team that shortly thereafter became BitRush. He is a cryptocurrency and blockchain technology evangelist. Apart from working hard, flying all across the globe managing the international company, he likes spending time with his family.
KARSTEN AREND President Karsten is a business builder with an entrepreneurial streak. He received his BA from the University of Western Ontario and his MBA (Marketing, Management & Business Statistics) from Schiller International University in Heidelberg, Germany. Having worked at both Mercedes-Benz and ANT Nachrichtentechnik (Bosch) now Tesat-Spacecom (Airbus Group) in Germany, he returned to Canada and gathered experience in real estate development, consumer product development, patents, trademarks, financing, equity markets, business strategy, and branding. He has applied this knowledge investing in companies. Some of these firms are in the exchange, mining, exploration, software, hardware, managed services, cyber security, energy efficiency, social media and water treatment fields. In so doing he has developed a network of relationships worldwide. An avid sailor, technology and automobile enthusiast, he is also passionate about piloting race cars in competition.
SVEN WOLLNER Business Strategist Sven has a background in initiating and managing software development projects, most notably with telecommunication industry giants. He studied management in Vienna (BA) and finance in Exeter (MSc). After his studies, he initiated and completed several real estate development projects. His latest endeavor was the development of a smartphone loyalty system for Orange by his firm Mobile Marketing. He is in charge of Start-It, our gaming payment service and gaming platform company. Sven, being an ex-swimmer, is an avid fisherman, amateur powerlifter, and computer hobbyist.
NICK RATHMAN Head of Adbit Development Team Nick is a professional and experienced and proficient programmer and web developer based out of Canada with experience building and managing cryptocurrency related projects. His experience with web development goes as far back as 2005 and he has been developing cryptocurrency related projects since 2012. He founded IronClad Web Technologies in 2013 and co-founded Tokenly Inc. in 2014 with a mission to create new and exciting monetization opportunities on the internet. He is the software architect in charge of the development of our bitcoin and blockchain AdServices platform, a network serving millions of banner ads every day. He has a strong reputation among fellow developers, as well as in the bitcoin ecosphere.
CHRIS WOLLNER Project Analyst Chris is the team’s link between tech and the rest. He studied applied mathematics in St Andrews (BSc) and Singapore (MSc) focusing on mathematical modelling and computation. Afterwards he worked as an analyst for a powder coating company, working on gaining customers, consulting customers’ modelling and simulations departments, and automatization of the ordering process. Chris also often worked alongside his brother Sven in real estate development. Currently, he is in charge of technical documentation and planning at BitRush. Chris used to swim competitively, now he enjoys sport at leisure. He also spends most of his free time as a musician.

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